Building Our Home: A Saga – Part 1

Whose idea was it to build a home in the middle of a pandemic? Oh, that’s right. Ours.

At the time, we were so naïve as to how the pandemic would impact the housing market. All we could see was the cash we were sitting on being in Zane’s nearly-paid-off house.

So we came up with this crazy idea. What if we sold the house, and bought some land, outside the city limits? Then, we could build a shipping container home, a house we created together, the kids would have more room, we’d be in the country – it would be great!

Here’s the thing, land loans are difficult to come by, so we would need the cash from the sale of the house to buy the land.

But where would we stay after that? My now-husband suggested we buy a travel trailer. We could put it on the property and live there during the build. We could be there to see the progress made day-to-day. It would be an adventure! Besides, we’d only be in the RV for 9 months or so….12 max! (Again, so naïve).

And that’s how I tried to look at it – as an adventure. With my dad and stepmom passing just a few months prior, I had a different perspective on life. I wanted to be open to new things. I didn’t want to live in fear of what could go wrong.

So, with high hopes, I agreed. We prepared the house, and soon put in on the market.

In the meantime, and completely unexpectedly, Zane proposed to me!

There we were, newly engaged, with this great, big adventure on the horizon, full of hope and excitement… and it didn’t take long for that to change.

We had multiple offers on the house, and it sold quickly and without any issues.

We moved into our RV on 3/20/2021 and temporarily had the RV in someone’s backyard while we searched for land to buy.

That market was crazy by this point and lots with acreage were few and far between. We put offers in on four lots and were outbid each time!

After about 6 weeks of hunting, we finally had an offer accepted on a 26-acre piece of land. I had a lot of trepidation about it, because about 24 acres of it was wetlands. And because the only uplands on the property were divided by a man-made ditch, we would have to build on top of the wetlands which required additional money and mitigation banks, and it’s a whole thing.

Low and behold, while we were still in our feasibility period on the contract, a 20-acre parcel became available, just two lots down on the same road. This piece of land, had 18 acres of wetlands, separated by a creek, and 2 perfect acres in the front that were suitable for building.

We quickly got out of one contract and into another, and closed on our 20 acre homestead about 10 days later!

Next, we just had to clear the land and find a builder to work with! More to come on that…


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