When I started this blog in 2020, I had intentions of documenting a six month journey back to me, a journey of finding myself and my happiness. I had planned to talk about our new chickens, our garden, mental health, personal development.

Enter COVID.

Then my dad fell ill and was hospitalized.
Then my stepmom died while my dad was still in the hospital.
Then Dad eventually entered hospice and died six month after my stepmom.

As you can imagine, all my plans and ambitions were derailed.

2020 was the hardest year I’ve ever endured. I ended up using this blog as an outlet for all of the grief and loss I had stored up.

Two years later, I am on a journey of improving my mental and physical health, moving through the grief and depression, losing weight, and adopting a healthier lifestyle.

I’m not sure what this blog will turn into, but I’m excited to be writing again.


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