Life Advice from Dad

I had really thought this blog would be different. I thought I’d write about life at home – the chickens and ducks and dogs. I thought I’d write about family recipes and encouraging messages. I thought I’d write about my weightloss journey and my philosophies on life.

But it seems all I can write about lately is the hard stuff. Loss and death and this shit sandwich of a year.

And maybe that’s okay. Maybe that’s just the season of life I’m in.

It’s probably important to document all of this. To have it to look back on.

We recently found out that Dad doesn’t have a lot of time left. The doctors estimate six months or less. Between Dad’s heart and liver, we just don’t know what could happen and when. He also has other complications like breathing issues, and Dad recently signed a DNR. I pray he has more time. I pray when it happens that it’s peaceful. But mostly, I just pray for more time.

Today it was suggested to me to take advantage of the time left with Dad by videoing him as often as possible. Ask him all the questions I can think of. Take as many pictures as we can. Leave nothing left unsaid. And I think that’s a great idea. And I think this blog may be a great place to document all of that.

I’ll start with a conversation I had with Dad this morning. I asked him what life advice he would want to give me before he passes.

“The key to your relationship with Zane is to communicate or it won’t work out. I think you two have good heads on your shoulders and will be just fine.”

“Raise Mia well and love her.”

“Eat better and take care of your body.”

“Live in the moment and do things now, while you can. I regret not doing more of the things I wanted to do.”

He has always been a wonderful father and I am blessed to have him. I am savoring every moment we have.


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